Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz festivals in May in Toronto

May 17-20 “Traditions 3” St Clair W, Toronto.

May 20-24 “Toque” 3670 Hurontario St. Mississauga

On the long weekend will be “Traditions 3” located in toronto 1474 st clair w, 3 days, mixed styles. Full pass the price is $160. The following week will be “Toque” in Mississauga at pin Novotel Toronto Mississauga Cntr 3670 Hurontario Street, Mississauga. 3 days, traditional Kizomba style only. Full pass is $165 use discount code ROXY. If you never experienced any intensive festivals I strongly recommend to start from this 2 great festivals for your onetime experience as the level of both of them are very high.Check the international instructors and performers on youtube. Toque: PERFORMANCE


✨Jamba ✨Janča J. ✨Eddy Vents ✨Lucia Nogueira ✨Rico & Adda ✨Butherly ✨Zild

“Traditions 3”: Elji Beatzkilla Mika Mendes New – Mika Mendes Dasmara Dos Santos & Iolanda Rangel Cherry Blackcherry & Oncle Kani Mário Jordão & Laury Esmeralda Full

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