Group Lessons

  • For faster progress highly recommended a full course and self-practice.

    Drop in 1 hr $23; Drop in 5 hrs $130; Package of 10 hrs $170; Package for couple 10 hrs $310

Private Lessons

  • Private/ semiprivate lessons will be designed for your particular needs at the convenience of your schedule.

    We can work on your technique, on particular steps or learn a full combinations.

    Price for private: $75/hr; $300/5hrs; $550/10hrs.

    Price for semi-private 2 people: $45x2/hr; $200x2/5hrs; $350x2/10hrs


  • 1 hr of workshop at the studio or at your place. $200 up to 10 people, $10 for every additional person. Price for series of workshops is negotiable.